Celebration of 84thShiva Jayanti and hoisting of ‘Trimurty Shiv Jhanda’ inthe Raj BhavanCircle


Celebration of 84thShiva Jayanti and hoisting of ‘Trimurty Shiv Jhanda’ inthe Raj BhavanCircle between 6.30 to 8.30 am on February 21, 2020

On the occasion of celebration of the 84th Shiva JayantiBhubaneswar Sub-Zone of Prajapita Brahma KumarisIshwariyaVishwavidyalaya organized a ‘Mass Meditation for World Peace’ between 6.30 to 8.30 am on February 21, 2020, in the Raj Bhavan Circle square Bhubaneswar. Many distinguished guests including Brother AnantaNarayana Jena, MLA, and Brother AravindDhali, MLA, Brother Debabrata Swain, Member, Lokayukta, Odisha, and more than 700 divine brothers and sisters of the Brahmin family gathered for the meditation followed by hoisting of TrimurtySHIV Jhanda.Rajyojgini BK Leena conducted the mass meditation, unfurled the flag and addressed the spiritual gathering highlighting the importance of the celebration of Shiva Jayanti. Honourable guests also spoke a few words about their perception of the event and with that the event concluded with prasadsevan.


Bhubneshwar (Odisha) : “Mental Health and Stress Dilution” – Public Events

Bhubaneswar ( Odisha ): BK Sangeeta, In Charge of Prabhu Darshan Bhawan at Subudhipur, Tamando and BK Supriya Centre in Charge of Satya Sai Enclave in Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar invited BK Dr.  EV Swaminathan, enchanting Motivator from Mumbai to conduct various programs to deliver the message to general public that God has come on the Earth to transform this Iron Aged World into Golden Aged one by imparting Spiritual Knowledge and teaching Rajayoga Meditation. These programs were a means to help people learn Rajayoga Meditation to get blessed with Happy, Healthy Life full of Peace and Prosperity at present, as well as in many lives in future.

BK Swaminathan covered various subjects like Mental Health and Stress Dilution, Purpose of Life, Importance and Power of Youth, Development of Memory and Concentration, Art of Leadership, Designing Our Own Destiny, Emotional Engineering, Make Mind as Your Best Friend, Enhancing Work Efficiency and so on. Central essence in all his topics was Self realization, God realization, Immortality of Soul, Relationship between Soul and the Supreme Soul – Shiva, Soul, His Attributes and Powers.

He addressed the public at Satya Sai Enclave Community Hall,  Udaygiri Vihar Colony, Prabhu Darshan Bhawan, Tamando and Patrapada as Youth Day, at Rashmi Vihar Colony, at the State Medicinal Garden, Kalyani Nagar and at Patrapada for Senior Citizens.

A program was held at SUM Hospital cum Deemed University which was attended by Dr. AK Mohapatra, Director, Prof. Dr. Pushparaj Samantha Singhar, Dean, Dr. Premanand Patanaik, HOD and Prof. Gastroenterology, Doctors, Medical Staff and Students. Nearly 200 members took benefit. BK Swaminathan spoke about the Values and Importance of their profession and enlightened them to maintain Peace of Mind and shared different ways to enhance their work efficiency.

He went to APJ English Medium High School to inspire children. He was jovial all through and students too were equally responsive. He taught them the technique to improve their Memory and Concentration.

BK Swaminathan went to the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He mainly focused on Memory Improvement and the Power of Concentration. Principal was grateful as it was very educative for them.

Bhubaneswar(Odisha) : 6th Annual day celebration

Rev.Yogini Didiji,Villeparle,Mumbai had visited DRC & shared her experience with Brahma Baba & inspired 2000 Brothers & Sisters in Dai Sandeshiji Diamond Hall at DRC,Hari damaad…
Brother MP Amar Pattnaik had also shared his experience with Brahmakumaris since 2 years..

3rd annual day of DRC Bhubaneswar

A spiritual get-together of more than 5000 divine brothers and sisters was arranged to
celebrate with grandiose the following events at our Divine Retreat Centre, Haridamada
Village in Mendhasal Panchayat, Dist: Khurda, on November 3, 2019, from morning
6.30 a.m. till 3.30 p.m. :
o 12 th Shradhanjali Divas of our Rev. Dadi Sandeshi ji
o 3 rd Annual day of our Divine Retreat Center (DRC), &
o Sanman Samaroh of BK Yugals of Bhubaneswar Sub- Zone.
Senior Didis of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya had graced the
occasion to enlighten the participants with their life experience. Sharada Didi, from
Ahmedabad, Kanan Didi from Kolkata, Neelam Didi from Nabarngpur, Kuldeep Didi
from Cuttack, Sulochana Didi from Cuttack and all senior sisters from Bhubaneswar
Sub-Z0ne were on the Dias.
All offered their heartiest salutations (Shradhanjali) to our Rev. Dadi Sandeshiji.
108 BK Yugals of Bhubaneswar Sub- Zone were felicitated with Crown, Garland, Tilak
and shawl for their dedicated spiritual way life and service to humanity.
Our Rev. Didis gave drishti, gift and toli to each of the 108 felicitated Yugals.

Bro.Charlie, National Coordinator, Brahmakumaris, Australia had visited Bhubaneswar

Bro.Charlie, National Coordinator, Brahmakumaris, Australia had visited Bhubaneswar at the request of Sis.Leena, Director, Brahmakumaris, Bhubaneswar Sub-zone.. During his visit,he addressed Brahmin Family at Unit-8 Center,Jankia, Puri,Cuttack, Bhadrak & he also addressed guests at NALCO & KIIT University..On the way to Puri,he visited Konark,Sun Temple & also called on Governor of Odisha…On the penultimate day of his visit,he went to Divine Retreat Center,Haridamada..

Brahma Kumaris tying Rakhi to His Excellency Governor Proff Ganeshi Lal…

Rajyogini Sis B K Leena, Bhubaneswar Sub-zone in- charge, Brahmakumaris tying Rakhi to His Excellency Governor Proff Ganeshi Lal…

Bhubaneswar – Rakhi Tying to Governor, Chief Minister and Speaker of Odisha

Bhubaneswar – Rakhi Tying to Governor, Chief Minister and Speaker of Odisha


Rakhi tying by BK. Geeta Begin, Centre in-charge , On Niwas, Unit-9, Bhubaneswar
1- His Excellency Prof. Ganeshilal, Governer of Odisha at Raj BhavanBhubaneswar.
2- Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha, Brother Naveen Pattnaik at Naveen Niwas, Bhubaneswar. 
3- Hon’ble Brother Surya Narayan Patra, Speaker of Odisha Legislative Assembly, Bhubaneswar.


The Movie “GOD OF GODS” was screened at Sriya Talkies, Bhubaneswar

The movie “GOD OF GODS” was screened at Sriya Talkies, Bhubaneswar, in which the attendance was awesome.. Many politicians, bureaucrats, Cinema Celebrities were invited for the screening..

Everyday the screening of the movie was preceded by a brief address by BK Leena, Brahmakumaris Subzone In-charge, Bhubaneswar, & a ceremonial candle lighting by the distinguished guests of the day.

Sri Jyoti Prakash Panigrahy,Minister, Culture & Tourism..Miss Archita Sahoo, Oriya Actress,Sri Arvind Dhali,MLA,Sri Anant Narayan Jena,MLA,Sri Subrat Tarai MLA & many more VVIPS….

Meeting with His Excellency Governor of Andhra Pradesh.

Rajyogini B K Leena, Bhubaneswar Sub-Zone in Charge, Brahmakumaris & Director, Divine Retreat Centre, Bhubaneswar congratulating Bro Biswa Bhushan Harichandan on his appointment as Governor of Andhra Pradesh.